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Starting in 2012 we are taking a very proactive approach to our product reviews. We will be doing a minimum of 2 product reviews a month. There are such an overwhelming number of choices these days in everything from firearms, ammunition, holsters and accessories that it has become a daunting task for someone to choose the right product for them. As an instructor I have the opportunity to see a huge variety of products come through my classes  that my students bring in. I am going to be taking those products that appeal to me the most, acquiring them, using them extensively and then providing in depth reviews of each one.

As an avid shooter of 25 years and a certified instructor I myself find it difficult to sort through all the options. I can only imagine the thought process for newer shooter. I really hope to be able to provide the shooting public with some time and money saving information that will lead them to quality products that will work for them!

Author – Steve Wasylko


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