Q – Are all of your instructors certified?

A – Yes, all instructors Sandpoint Arms uses for training are NRA certified instructors. In addition to NRA certification many instructors that teach our classes have advanced certifications from the following:

California POST

BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)

NRA Law Enforcement Division

Taser International

Department of Defense


Q – Are all of your classes NRA certified classes?

A – No. We do offer the full roster of NRA certified classes as part of our course selection. All NRA certified classes will specifically indicate that they are NRA classes. We also offer advanced level training classes that are not NRA certified classes. While the instructors of these classes are NRA certified, the lesson plans and curriculum are not NRA certified.

Most of the NRA certified classes are basic level classes which are a great foundation for the advanced level classes we teach. We highly recommend you attend an NRA basic level class before attending any of our advanced training classes.


Q – Do I need prior firearms experience to attend your classes?

A – It entirely depends on the class you wish to attend. For the most part, any of the NRA basic level courses do NOT require any prior firearms experience. In fact, the purpose of many of the NRA classes is to provide you with the basic level of safety and knowledge prior to your owning a firearm. Our advanced level classes assume some prior firearms experience and may have pre-requisites. Any pre-requisites would be listed on the web page for the class being taken.


Q – Do I need to own/bring my own firearm to attend a class.

A – Generally, for most of the NRA classes the answer is no. If you do own a firearm we recommend you bring your own to class so that you can be trained with the actual firearm you will use. The NRA Personal Protection courses do require you to bring a handgun of your own.


Q  – Does Sandpoint Arms provide firearms for class attendees to use?

A – Yes, for any of the classes that do NOT require you to bring a gun of your own, we will provide firearms for both the classroom handling lessons and also for the range portions of the class (if applicable). We want our students to be exposed to a wide variety of firearms. As such, we normally always bring a number of different firearms in each category (revolver, semi automatic, rifle, shotgun, etc.) to each class to give you actual hands on experience. Firearms handling is very specific from gun to gun. Even within a category of firearm. By providing you with the opportunity to handle many different firearms from different manufacturers we can ensure you have the well rounded knowledge to handle and operate a variety of guns safely.