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Personal Firearms Purchase Consultation (PFPC)

The decision to purchase a gun one that should not be taken lightly. There are many things to consider before deciding what types of firearm(s) you are going to purchase.

Bringing a firearm into the home is a decision that requires deliberative thought. There are many factors you should be thinking about. First and foremost are safe storage, children in the home, how often you’ll practice and your reason for purchasing. Is the firearms for hunting, sporting competition or self defense? Will more than one person in the home be using the same firearm?

Going down to the local gun shop and buying the latest “popular” firearm may not be the proper choice for you. What works for one person may not work for another. Two basic factors are crucial; the firearm must fit your hand properly and you must be comfortable shooting that firearm.

Sandpoint Arms offers Personal Firearms Purchase Consultations (PFPC). We begin with a phone consultation where we will gather some basic information from you. A few of the factors we will discuss are your size, previous firearms handling and shooting experience, your purpose for the firearms purchase and how often you plan to practice with your firearm. From there we will put together an initial list of suggested firearms that we have first hand experience with. We will then setup a time where we have a face to face consultation. At that meeting we will have available to you the firearms we have chosen as initial prospects for your purchase. You will be able to physically handle the firearms and we can make some determinations on fit and whether they will meet your needs. The second step in the consultation is to actually shoot the firearms. We can have arrangements setup with a range for that same day or we can schedule a separate day for this. This is a crucial step. Many firearms that may feel good in the hand may feel uncomfortable for you to shoot. You MUST be comfortable with any firearm your purchase. You need to have confidence in your ability to handle and shoot the firearm. We can help you come to the proper solution for YOUR personal situation.

Personal Firearms Purchase Consultations can be scheduled at your residence or at our office. If the firearms is to be used for self defense purposes we highly recommend that we have the consultation at your residence. We can then use the logistics of your home layout as factors in helping you choose the proper firearm(s).


PFPCs start at $300 plus expenses. This includes 3 hours of consultation time which will be approximately one hour at your residence and two hours at the range. Depending on your prior experience with firearms we may end up spending more time at your residence and less time at the range. Each consultation is unique and we will let your personal situation dictate the format of the consultation. The only extra expenses above the $300 fee will be the range fees and the actual cost of the ammunition your fire. These fees will be paid by you directly to the range. We will provide you with proper hearing and eye protection.

To inquire about and/or schedule a PFPC please use the following form or call us at 208-550-8440:

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